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Dent & Scratch

Dent & Scratch Removal

Dings and dents are often an unavoidable part of vehicle ownership, but that doesn't mean you have to let these unsightly flaws devalue your car or truck. We use various tools to put your car back to factory condition and are often able to do it while keeping the original paint in tact, meaning less costs for you. Often dents can be "pulled" out, if not the metal may need to be "massaged" back to its original shape. Scratches often look worse than they are and can be removed with a gentle sanding and good buffing. Either way, we have the materials and professional traning needed to get the job done!

Expert Color Matching

We always have the proper paint for your vehicle. We use high quality PPG Envirobase High Performance Paint, and we match the manufacturer paint code to the paint we use, so no matter the make of your vehicle we've got the paint to match it. Add that to seamless spray painting in our EPA approved Downdraft paint booth (which keeps contaminants out, like dust and dander) and you can be assured that you won't be able to tell where the original paint ends and the new paint begins!

Color Matching

Frame Straightening

The frame of your vehicle is what gives it strength and integrity to hold up in case of collision. If it get's compromised then it is more likely to crumple putting you and your passengers at risk in the future. That is why we use Cheif Automotive Technologies' Laserlock Live Mapping System to identify the slightest defects that the human eye can't see. This computerized measuring system, made specifically for autobody work, shows not only where the vehicle frame is out of alignment, but also by how much and in what direction.

Frame Straightening

Window Repair & Replacement

Depending on the weather, a small chip or crack can go all the way across the windshield in just a few days. Not only can this impair visibilty, but it will compromise the integrity and safety of your vehicle. By getting the small window repair work done quickly you can avoid the cost of having to replace the whole windshield. But if a window does need replaced, don't worry, because we use only factory-authorized glass from industry-approved sources and premium brand urethane adhesive that is heated to 180° and then allowed to cool and set for the strongest seal possible.

Window Repair
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